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You can take a subscription right now for the 2018/2019 season. Once the payment is done, we will contact you by email in order to add you in the private picks section ! If you need other payment methods, contact me via the contact form.

One Month - 60€ 

1 month subscription
One month free in case of negative month
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Half Season - 205€

Until End of December
2 months free in case of negative period

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All Season - 430€

Until end of season (mid-June)
A season free in case of negative season

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Hi guys,

Unfortunately, I’ve decided to open a paid service for several reasons.

Why ?

– I found out few people which copy and translate my picks and analysis every week without asking me anything
– I received some complains from followers who told me that it’s too difficult to follow my pick because odds are falling too fast
– I paid for a website for 4 years for my mail service.
– I bet in France where there is shitty odds because of the law and very high limits (I have 3/4 accounts on some French bookies)

Which competitions ?

I give free picks for 3 years. I take all my picks on Asian or Bet365 (for Pro D2 and LIVE picks).

My stats are the following :

598 picks
+ 256u
9% yield

I have a double digit yield during a long time but I made some mistakes these previous years :
– I bet on Pro 14, Champions Cup or Aviva Premiership where I have bad results
– I didn’t have the paid channels (Canal +, Bein Sport) to watch all the rugby games.

I changed my strategy at the beginning of the season and my yield increased. Here are my monthly stats since September

Month Picks Win.rate Profit Yield
Dec.2017 21 62% +23 +21%
Nov.2017 13 38% -13 -21%
Oct.2017 21 57% +25 +29%
Sep.2017 19 58% +16 +17%

So, I will focus on TOP 14, Pro D2, Challenge Cup and International rugby games. Here are my stats (from Blogabet) on this competition :

Competition Picks Win.rate Profit Yield
Challenge.cup 16 75% +44 +49%
Challenge.cup 30 77% +107 +58%
Top.14 43 65% +59 +27%
Top.14 107 53% +5 +1%
International 7 57% +3 +7%
International 17 65% +21 +28%
Fra.ProD2 73 60% +44 +12%
Livebet 71 55% +32 +13%
Six.Nations 4 75% +9 +75%

Staking system

3u : Low
5u : Average
7/8u : High
10u : Very high / Big value

How do I bet ?

Every week, I watch between 5 and 10 rugby games. I watch the summary of the French rugby games that I couldn’t watch. As soon as the teams are published by the rugby club, I set an handicap. Then, I look at the bookies handicap. My stakes depend on the stake of the game, the teams and what I saw.

I prefer quality than quantity. The number of picks will be between 15 and 30 per month. I will give a large explanation of my pick like I’m used to. You will receive a mail alert for every pick published.

The paid service will be open between September and May. Indeed, there are not enough rugby games in June, July and August.

Concerning the live picks, I’m thinking about giving a calendar with the games I will cover..