Preview Triple Jump

I love watching Athletics and I start betting on this league with good results.

Triple jump final tonight. With Pedro Pablo Pichardo and Aleksandr Yurchenko out, the final looks very open.

Favorite is Alexi Copello. He jumped twice over 17m20 this season. But Nelson Evora will also have a chance. The 2008 Olympic champion knows how to be there in big events. In Rio, he was the only European finalist with Compaoré and Hoffman. He has the best personal record.

Frenchman Jean-Marc Pontvianne only needed one try to qualify and cross 16m77. The Nîmois will certainly be fighting with the Spanish Torrijos for 3rd place. He has already crossed the 17m mark, unlike the Spaniard. I give him an advantage on the podium.

My bets:

2u Jean-Marc Pontvianne podium @ 2.65 (Unibet)
1u Nelson Evora @ 4.10 (PINNACLE)

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